Camp Standards

Camp RulesThe following information is provided for both parents (or guardians) and campers. Please take time to read through the information together, so everyone knows what is expected. Both you and your camper are required to sign the registration form indicating that you have read and are in agreement with the camp standards and policies. These standards are in place to insure your child’s safety and an orderly, enjoyable camp for all. If you should have any questions concerning these standards, you may contact the Camp Director by calling 715-790-0176, or you may contact us by e-mail at info@grace-bible-church-online.comDo not send your registration forms to the Kamp Kenwood address. Pre-registration is required. Registrations will not be accepted on the day camp begins. Campers may begin the check-in process at 3:00 P.M. on Sunday. All monies brought to camp must be deposited in the canteen fund for safekeeping. Remaining monies will be returned during checkout on Friday. All medications must be given to the Camp Health Supervisor and will be dispensed by that person during the week at camp. Prescription medications must be in the original containers, with instructions clearly marked. The following items are NOTto be brought to camp: radios, CD or DVD players, any type of headset, electronic games, improper magazines or books, any illegal substances, or any other item that would detract from the atmosphere of a Bible Camp. Clothing should be appropriate for the activities the camper will be involved in at camp. Shorts must have a minimum 5″ inseam. All shirts worn by boys, girls, and staff cannot be sleeveless and must cover to the waistline. NO spandex shorts, NO bikinis, or French-cut swimsuits. Modesty is the standard while at camp. Any clothing found to be improper by the Camp Director and Camp Board will be confiscated and returned at the end of the camp week.

Deliberate destruction of property, theft, fighting, cursing, injurious or abusive behavior, or any other disrespectful, unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated. Additional safety rules are in place for waterfront activities, boating, and other camp activities and are expected to be obeyed. Our camp has a “NO CONTACT” policy regarding physical touching , kissing, hand holding, etc. Violation of these standards (or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Director or Camp Board) may result in loss of privileges at camp, liability for repair or replacement of damaged property, or expulsion from camp. Parents or guardians are responsible for the pickup and transport of an expelled camper. Parents or guardians must provide active phone numbers on the registration form where they may be reached in the event of a medical emergency, serious illness, or disciplinary action. Campers MUST be picked up by 11:00 A.M. on Friday morning. However, campers are to remain at camp until the camp has been cleaned, inspected, and permission to leave given by the Camp Director.

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